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The Gripen actually makes sense in more than one way. Its enngie is the F414 which is based on the F404 that powers the F/A-18Ds so it will be somewhat familiar to the ground crew.It is also designed to be easy to maintain, and to be low maintenance. This means that they'll be flying more often.The Swiss, and the Thais are using the Gripen as a replacement for the F-5, which the RMAF already flies. Not to mention they could use it to eventually replace the Hawks as well.The single enngie argument is bogus. The Swedes have a long coastline, and do a lot of their flying over water. They have settled on single enngie aircraft over the past 40 years. You would think they know what they are doing.ReplyMost of us are aware of the attributes of the Gripen. The problem is how to get the fighter jockeys excited and the politicians salivating ..

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